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HR Leaders Committed to Excellence

The HCLC community is dedicated to supporting HR professionals in mastering the knowledge and competencies that help excel their careers and drive results within their organizations. Our profession continues to evolve from not only being responsible for the design and execution of people programs and processes, but the need for a more strategic human capital management approach focused on managing organization’s people, a greater emphasis on measurement, efficiency and creating employee’s value to the organization. As HR professionals we ask ourselves….

  • How can I stay relevant and valued as a strategic business partner who contributes to organizational results?
  • How do I need to shift my thinking and build competencies that influence my company’s culture, organizational leadership, and employee performance?

HCLC offers learning programs, services and access to events for HR professionals interested in elevating their knowledge and performance to manage their career growth and satisfaction.


HCLC Certification Exam Preparation Services partners with HR professionals to achieve their Professional in Human Resources (PHR) and Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) certification.

JOIN OUR CLASS!  You will enhance your professional credibility and increase your earning power by demonstrating your commitment to the HR field. Data has shown that participating in a structured community study experience helps professionals beat the average pass rate. Prepare and pass your exam!


“In preparing to take my PHR exam, I came across this study course, and I’m glad I did! The virtual format fit easily around my busy schedule and allowed me to attend class when on business travel. The synchronization of the books and presentations were easy to follow, the instructor-led review of exam questions was extremely beneficial, and the practice exams were invaluable! Plus, Shari is knowledgeable and helpful! If you are getting started with your exam prep, I strongly recommend this course to help guide your study strategy.”

“HCLC’s certification course has been a heaven sent to me. I was not successful on my PHR several times before taking this course. This course helped me to rededicate myself to studying and learning the necessary material to pass the PHR confidently. The setup of the classes, the flash cards, and the practice tests became my best friends for 12 weeks. Shari was available for any questions during and after class. I am truly grateful for this course because, without it, I do not believe I would have passed my PHR exam. Thank you HCLC!”

“Before taking the class, I was geared up to study the material on my own. Once I went down that path it became overwhelming and felt that this was not something I could master. Taking this class helped me in so many ways from understanding the material to better organization of the material so I could study efficiently. The following week the class concluded, I took the PHR exam and passed! Safe to say Shari provides the tools and support needed to help one be successful!”

“As an HR representative, I felt ready to take the next step in my professional development by pursuing the PHR certification but didn’t know where to begin with studying. I am so happy I found the HCLC program! The minute I enrolled, I knew I made the right choice. Shari Davis offers a warm, friendly and fun approach to learning. With so such content to learn, she is committed to helping students grasp the technical, operational and strategic aspects of HR management. The course outline breaks down the Bodies of Knowledge” into a digestible course with great study materials. I truly enjoyed each session and the opportunity to get to know and learn from other classmate’s experiences was great! I really enjoyed the course – Thank you HCLC!”

“Shari is a phenomenal coach and group facilitator. As a business owner, Shari assisted me with working through a very difficult client situation. During our coaching sessions, Shari helped me identify the challenges and develop a roadmap to assist me with successfully working through the challenge and identify an effective resolution.

I also engaged Shari to facilitate a team building retreat to further develop JLM’s vision, mission, and values. Once again, Shari’s ability to lead our team in a dynamic discussion gave us the tools we needed to further define and clearly articulate our company’s future direction.”

“The HCLC HR Certification Study Course Program was a detailed and thorough study course that was well worth it. Shari, the instructor, was very knowledgeable about the wide range of subjects covered on the exam and she gave very helpful tips on how to answer questions. Although the class was online, I found Shari and the other participants to be very engaged and collaborative throughout the 12-week course. I feel confident that I will be successful when I take the SPHR exam.”

“The HCLC Certification Course was very informative. Shari answered all the questions that we had in a professional manner. What I enjoyed most, was she added humor and real-life experiences to help us take the content we were learning and apply to our professional lives and she even spent time helping me through some questions that I was going through at work. I appreciated her patience and broad range of knowledge and insight. The materials were spot on and in line with all the slides and lecture points. I would recommend this class to anyone and I look forward to working with her in this field in the future.”

I’ve taken a lot of online classes and Shari’s PHR/SPHR prep class is a must-take. Her information and explanations are clear and concise. She allows time for discussion and questions and makes an effort to ensure all her students have a clear understanding of the material before moving on to the next topic. Take advantage of the coaching session with Shari as well after you have taken the class, she helped me get a handle on my test anxiety and made studying for the PHR exam less stressful.

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